About Us

  • What types of qualities does a Rogue Biker exude?
  • What type of character traits makes a Rogue Biker?
  • What are you reppin' when you wear Rogue Biker apparel & merchandise?
  • What does Rogue Biker and our affiliates believe in and stand for?

We are Bikers, we are Veterans, we are Patriots!

First and foremost, we believe in FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE. We are bikers, and we got on 2 wheels to become one with the roads, and leave the cage behind. Never tethered, but unchained, and embrace the journey on our motorcycles with our biker brothers & sisters not the destination.

Second, we are Veterans OR in support of our United States military. We try with all we have to uphold these core values. HONOR, RESPECT, LOYALTY, INTEGRITY & MORALS as our service men & women hold these values close to their heart.

Lastly, we are Patriots where we believe in the United States of America. We believe that this is the greatest country in the world. We believe the Constitution of the United States must be defended. We believe in the 2ND AMENDMENT. We are gun owners that carry to protect ourselves, and other United States Citizens.

When you wear Rogue Biker apparel & merchandise you represent a ROGUE UNITED STATES AMERICAN who is mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight. One that will fight will all their might for what we believe in!