A Guide To Measuring Your Size For Online Shopping

If you have been an avid fan of online shopping, you must know how important it is to know your body size in order to get the right fit for all your orders. Some online stores do not accept returns due to wrong sizes, hence learning how to measure size for online shopping can prevent you from making a mistake and thus having to suffer losses. Here is how you can select the right sizing of apparels for your body.

Measuring Size for Online Stores

Not every retailer has the same sizing charts across their clothing lines. These sizing inconsistencies can be influenced by factors like new cuts, different fabrics, and even vanity sizing. When taking your body measurements for online shopping, always choose a cloth measuring tape. However, any other types will do if you are not able to find one made of cloth, but never use a metal measuring tape. A cloth measuring tape offers the best accuracy and ensure that you are measuring over bare skin or clothes that are skin-tight to maintain accuracy.

Measuring Bust or Chest

  • Women – Place one end of the tape measure at the part of your bust that is the fullest. Surround your body with the tape measure and record the reading. Make sure that the tape measure is positioned against the floor in a parallel position.
  • Men – Place one end of the tape measure to your chest right in the middle. Wrap the tape measure around your body and record the reading. Again, make sure the tape is positioned parallel to the floor.

Measuring Bra Size

Bras have their own unique measuring system that is based on two measurements of the busts. One measurement is the measurement of your chest and the other is to measure the circumference which is to determine the bra cup size.

Measuring Waist Size

This measurement is important when shopping for dresses, tops, and bottoms. Most waist measurements of clothing stores are based on “natural waists”. To measure this, find the narrowest part of your waist right on top of your belly button and underneath your rib cage. Some clothing stores make use of a “low waist” measurement which is where you would normally wear your pants.

Measuring Hip Size

This an important measurement for bottoms or even dresses. Keep your hips together and measure the part where your hips are at the fullest. Be sure to measure over your buttocks too. It can be difficult to get the measurements if you measure by yourself. It is recommended for you to have someone else to assist you.

Measuring Inseams

This measurement is important when you are shopping for jeans and trousers. The inseam is the area between the uppermost of your thigh and your ankle. You can measure inseams easily when wearing a well-fitting pair of pants. Take the measurement from the crotch to the cuff found inside the leg seam. The number of inches you get, round it off to the nearest 1/2" and that will be the length of the inseam.