5 Tips For Finding Your Right Size When Buying Clothes Online

Buying clothes online can be a gamble especially if you do not have the exact measurements of the different parts of your body. Sizes can vary greatly across different brands and stores, and oftentimes, you may need to send back your orders due to wrong sizing. The process is not just troublesome, but some stores do not even accept returns due to wrong sizing. Hence, we have put together a list of tips to help you find the right size when shopping for clothes online.

Measuring Yourself

The first important to do is to measure the different parts of your body. A size 5 in one brand can actually feel like a size 7 in another. Hence, knowing your exact body measurements is highly essential instead of relying on the size of your dresses. Measure your waist, bust, and hips and record the measurements before you hop onto an online clothing store.

Read up On Sizing Charts

Nearly every online clothing store has a dedicated section that lists down the different sizes they offer. The sizing charts can be a lifesaver when you cannot try on the clothes that you are about to buy. Do not just ignore it, read it up! Make sure you are clear on the sizing policies of the store. You may be used to wearing a size 5 but you may need a smaller or larger size for another brand. Always explore the sizing chart to determine which size best fits your body.

Know the Difference

For women’s clothing, some stores sell “misses” sizes but others may focus on “juniors”. Knowing the difference can help you distinguish between the two as it will have a huge impact on how a clothing can fit your body. Misses sizing usually offers more space in the hips and bust whereas juniors clothing has lesser room. Juniors sizing best fits those with slimmer frames and smaller shapes.

Record Down

Always have your body measurements handy. Record down your measurements and store it in your phone or on your computer for easy access. This will prevent you from having to re-measure your body again each time you visit the online stores. This idea also works for shoe shopping. Measure your feet and keep the records for easy access later on. The measurement record will also come in handy if you need a friend to buy something online for you, perhaps for a group deal. Your friend can just refer to your measurements and buy the right size.

Ordre More than One

Some stores do not have a generous return policy. Some may even reject your return requests if it is due to the wrong sizing. If you are uncertain whether a piece of clothing will fit you, simply order more than one. Those with poor return policies often offer lower prices, so you will not feel that great of a pinch when you order more than one piece. For stores that do offer generous return policies, you can just return the size that does not fit you and continue wearing the one that fits without having to wait for the refund before you can make a new purchase.