4 Ways To Rock Long Sleeve T-Shirts This Summer

It is not typical for people to think of wearing long sleeve t-shirts in summer. For the most part, our closets are often filled with tanks, sleeveless tops, and other clothing made of a thin material. However, there may be reasons for you to sport long sleeves in the summer which can be quite surprising to you. Perhaps you want to protect your skin from the sun or you have always preferred the additional coverage, here is how you can don the sleeves this summer while staying stylish.

Why Wear Long Sleeve Tees in Summer

Sunscreen alone will not make the rays from the sun to be less piercing. When the temperature is at its highest in the summer months, wearing long sleeve tees can help you experience greater comfort. For those who are out on hiking trails, long sleeve tees will also stop the pesky mozzies from reaching your skin. The colors of long sleeve tees can also have varying levels of impact when it comes to sun protection. Darker colors are known to absorb heat and make you perspire even more, whereas lighter colors can reflect the heat back, hence letting you stay much cooler. Be sure to always sport loose long sleeve tees so you get enough air flow to prevent feelings of suffocation.

Pair with Denim Shorts

This works especially if you are traveling on an airplane. There are long sleeve t-shirts that are loose and will be really cozy while keeping you warm during the whole journey. If you are heading out somewhere tropical, just rock a tank underneath and remove the long sleeve as soon as you touch down.

Wear Over a Slip Dress

Even during the months of summer, some parts of the city may feel a little cooler than the rest. You can slip on a dress and wear a long sleeve over it. It can keep you warm when you reach the cooler areas and can easily be slipped off if you start feeling too much heat. This ensemble also looks chic and trendy while keeping your body at just the right temperature.

Pair with Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are basically summer leggings, except they are way trendier. Black biker shorts pair really well with long sleeve t-shirts along with sneakers. This pairing is so comfortable especially if you are looking to venture out the outdoors. You can opt to tuck in your top slightly for a more pulled-together look.

Wear as a Cover-Up

Long sleeve tees are also great as a cover-up when you head to the beach. Wear over your bathing suit and simply remove it once you are ready to jump into the water. When you are headed home, put on your jeans and you are good to go.

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